Why Retreats Are GOOD for You

Carving out time for self-care is a critical part of maintaining your health, contentment, focus, and stamina to juggle all areas of your life, and retreats are EXCELLENT self-care tools. Here’s why…



Sure, we all go on vacations to escape from our everyday routines and release stress, but a good wellness retreat takes it up a notch, because each day is specifically designed for the purpose of guiding you through a process of stress relief. While regular vacations can leave you frazzled and exhausted, and even in need of a vacation after your vacation, retreats allow you to go home rested and rejuvenated. After all, at a retreat, all you have to do is show up… Each detail is planned for you. Finally, you can exhale, and breathe for once!



The BEST food is high vitality, clean, wholesome, organic food, and wellness retreats are usually jam-packed with it. At our Shakti Activation Retreat, high vitality meals and snacks are the heartbeat of every day. Why? Because we know that eating well is crucial to stress-relief, true relaxation, revitalization, health and happiness. All your food is freshly prepared, and when you leave the retreat, you’ll feel like a new, improved version of yourself…. More energized, focused and serene.



Through mindfulness exercises like yoga and meditation, as well as quiet time in nature, and guided reflection exercises, retreats give you the tools and space to decide what it is that truly makes your heart soar. With this sense of clarity you’ll be able to go home knowing what to get rid of in your life, and what to refocus and double-down on. This is exactly what retreats are for… Time to tune in, re-evaluate, and reconnect with yourself.



Retreats are guided journeys back to self. It’s great to have someone there to hold your hand, offer some advice, and show you the way, when you need it. Sharon takes great pride in holding space for all of her retreaters during her Shakti Activation Retreats, giving you permission to release control. Someone else leading the way can be an amazing experience, especially when your regular life requires you to be the one holding it all together for everyone else.



Laughing, playing and relaxing with like-minded people, and having a strong sense of community is always good for your health. When you have others rooting for you, you’re that much more likely to win… That’s the kind of energy you’ll find on a great retreat. Shared healing experiences are always powerful!