What’s On My Plate?

People always ask me what and how I eat, expecting to hear a strict set of rules and regulations to which I live my life. The only time I ever really restrict my diet is during a Detox week. The rest of the time I adhere to a simple technique that allows me to enjoy food and all the events that come with it, as well as live a healthy and vibrant life.  The secret is in my My 80-10-10 Rule that I follow 80% of The Time-it’s super easy to follow and you can do it too!

Many people are surprised when I tell them that I eat chicken and fish!  I describe my diet is mostly “Plant Based” but as an avid exerciser and a Yogi, having some animal protein in my diet is what works for me.

So, the 80-10-10 rule is that typically my plate consists of 80% Plant Based Foods, 10% Protein (Hormone Free Chicken, Fresh Fish or Legumes) and 10% Complex Carbohydrates (Yam, Breadfruit, Brown Rice, Green Banana, Quinoa) with a side of Healthy Fats (Avocado, Nuts and Seeds) and I do this 80% of the time. That means I’m not perfect and some days I want (need) my glass of wine and my dark chocolate, or I am traveling and can’t access this type of food or I just feel like going out to a fabulous restaurant and trying something new and decadent on the menu.  That 20% “wiggle room” helps me to not feel guilty when I am not on track with my eating and in fact ENJOY my little moments of not being “on the path” because, I know that I will be on it 80% of the time! I definitely enjoyed my 20% indulgence in trying new foods on my recent trip to Japan!

For me this approach to nutrition works.  It’s manageable, its sustainable and it makes me feel amazing!  It’s a Lifestyle!! No longer do I struggle with my weight, my long plague of digestive issues (bloating and acid burn) are gone and I have off the charts energy to be able to do the things I love to do, and keep up with my kids!  It also gives me room to “be human” and to enjoy my life to the fullest! This is why my Detox Programs DO NOT EVER involve powdered shakes and pills, but balanced, healthy, high vitality meals that are fresh, organic and possible and are grown close to home (That’s why I have my own little organic vegetable garden) and that provide all the protein, carbs, healthy fats, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber your body needs to feel amazing!


So, next time you eat, take a look at your plate.  If your plate does not have 80% plant based foods, 10% Protein and 10% Complex Carbs and a dose of healthy fats, why not change it?  Try the 80-10-10 Rule for 21 Days and see if you feel a difference in your body, mind and soul!

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