My Go-To Self-Care Practitioners in Jamaica

I cherish and absolutely LOVE my go-to self-care practitioners! They give me the extra jolt of healing and good feelings my body, mind and spirit need whenever I’m depleted.

It’s so important to scan your body, mind and spirit every single day to assess how you’re feeling, and decide if you need assistance to bring yourself back to your optimal state. If you do, call a wellness professional, and get yourself back on track quickly… This may save you from actually getting sick!

Here are self-care practitioners in Jamaica I call on when I know I need extra self-love!


Studies show that massages are effective in reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

Since I workout and practice yoga every day, massages are my # 1 self-care treat.

In Montego Bay, Lance (876-857-2556) gives me the best spiritual, deep tissue massage, while Carl (876-396-8020) is a great technical masseuse and thai yoga expert. In Kingston, I go to Zonya - a yoga teacher and brilliant, all-around massage therapist who I used through all my pregnancies.


There is nothing I love more than having my feet touched! Reflexology puts me straight into a no-stress-zone. It may seem like just a foot massage, but reflexology actually stimulates nerve function that increases energy levels and circulation, and heals the nervous system. My Reflexologists are excellent!

In Montego Bay, my go-to person is Stella Gray (876-990-5999), and in Kingston I go to Roz Walker (876-840-9902).



Facials are a girl’s best friend. I’ve been doing them since my teenage acne days, right up until now when I have “mature skin” :). I always look for Facialists who use all natural products on my skin. I’ve been going to these 2 ladies for decades. They are among the best Facialists you can find on the island.

In Montego Bay I go to Stella Gray (876-990-5999), and in Kingston, Fiona Clarke (876-383-0702).



Never underestimate the power of looking your best to help you FEEL your best!

When I’m in Kingston, I never miss a trip to the amazing Blow-by-Blow salon (876-648-7007) for a haircut by Leanne, a Dazzle Dry mani-pedi by their wonderful nail technicians, and, if I’m feeling fancy, lashes by Pat (876-843-2180).

In Montego Bay, I go to the iconic Norma Webster (876-953-0005) who has long been seen as the best in the business for many, many years.



I’m still fairly new to this online business world where I’m learning that getting your makeup done regularly and properly is a necessary norm.

In my opinion, in Montego Bay there’s no better Makeup Artist than Trudy Miller (876-562-3890) and her waxing is amazingly pain free!



I strongly believe there’s a place for conventional medicine… It has literally saved my life on numerous occasions, especially when I was in need of urgent, life-saving care. However, I also know that alternative medicine that includes herbal remedies, diet, exercise, stress management and the proper lifestyle changes are imperative for both preventative treatment, and to heal and clear up the root cause of most major illnesses.

For this, Dr. Kimani Borland (876-622-2055) is my go-to Naturopathic Doctor in Kingston. She has helped many people heal naturally, AND is she full to the brim with incredible information about natural healing, which she loves to share with her clients.



Once in a while, when big life questions arise, I need a little help from the stars and I treat myself to either an astrology or tarot card reading. Astrology provides insight about your personality and nature based on when you were born, and uses that information to make predictions about your future.

Alina (876-569-3118) is my go-to astrologist no matter where I am.

Tarot Cards intuitively tell you about yourself and gives clarity about what’s currently happening in your life.

Shevy (876-581-1380) is an excellent Tarot Card reader, and my one and only go-to for readings.



During an energy healing session, healing energy is channeled into the body restore the natural balance of mind, body and spirit.

My go-to person for Energy Healing is Ken Sharpe (876-397-3725).

Ken’s unique and powerful process is hard to describe. It’s a little bit of accupressure, a little bit of energy work, and a wealth of knowledge about the organs. Ken works from Portland to Negril-give him a call!



Whenever I’ve been traveling or my digestion just feels off, I know it’s time to see Marsha Mullings (876-399-7424)-my friend and mentor and who gives the best colonics in the world.

Colonics, also known as colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy, are used to flush out large portions of the bowel system and can be controversial. I personally think that doing them once in a while is incredibly beneficial to my health and makes me feel amazing! They can be a real eye opener!

If you are in Kingston, The Harmony Life Extension Centre (876-978-8293) does a great job too!



Here are a couple of my go-to SPOTS for resetting.


Shakti Home is my little OM away from home in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. This is my 3 bedroom villa on the beach where I’m able to totally relax - mind, body and soul - and recharge my batteries… and you can too! Shakti Home is available for rental. Just check out the website at to find out availability and rates. At Shakti Home I take time to rest and soak in the beautiful healing waters of the Caribbean Sea, take a yoga class and get a healing session with Empress (876-275-8499). Empress is a gem who lives in Treasure Beach and offers vaginal steaming, massage, raw food, and so much more!


When I’m in Kingston and I’m feeling stressed or just need a moment, I venture to Rockfort Mineral Springs (by the airport) to soak in the healing waters of this natural mineral spa. Of course, when I’m in Montego Bay there is NOWHERE better than an early morning swim at the beautiful Doctor's Cave Beach… It has truly been my life savior living in Mobay.


And last but not least, self care can simply mean sitting with yourself for a while and giving yourself permission to breathe, relax, let go and listen to your soul (instead of reaching for that cup of coffee… note to self). I also just love to get outside and take a walk in nature with my dog, breathing in fresh air, being present with the world around me.


So my friends, I truly hope this serves you. I have always said that Jamaica has some of the best healers and healing places in the world. Never a day goes by that I don’t count my blessings for being able to call this my home. Have a wonderful Summer and don’t ever forget to take care of YOU!