Do You Believe in Miracles?

Do you believe in Miracles? I do!

I have had so many miracles happen in my life, they seem to happen daily these days. My miracles never come in the form of a pill, a horoscope or a quick fix. They have never come when I am angry, or fearful or stressed. They have never come when I am doubtful or sad or terrified. All my miracles have come when I have surrendered, let go and trusted that the universe has something better in store for me. They have always come when I have decided to let go of what is no longer serving me and open my heart to new possibilities even if I had no idea what they were.

Like when I was age 30, at the height of my corporate career, earning more money than I ever thought possible, and walked away from a toxic work environment that was not feeding my soul to become an aromatherapist and yoga teacher. Like when I ended a marriage and that was destroying my heart, even though I had a young child to raise on my own, to later find the love of my life and begin a new family at the age of 40. Like when I shut down my dream business, Shakti Mind Body Fitness, to move to Montego Bay so that my family could be together to now doing what I love to do more than anything in the world – taking people on 7 and 21 Day detox journeys that are so much more about transformation than about a week of giving up Sugar, Alcohol, Wheat and Dairy! By the daily practice of letting go, trusting in the universe and making sure that my mind and heart says open, miracles happen all around me.

The best part is I get to witness the miracles that happen when people go through my Live Fit Detox. Like the person who suffered from Endometriosis and spent most of her years in and out of hospitals who started a non-profit association to help people with the disease.

Like the young woman who could not get pregnant no matter what she tried, who just gave birth to her second child. Like the gentlemen with throat cancer, who decided to do the detox before surgery, and after following the program one year later is cancer free.

Like the young mother who suffered from insomnia, anxiety and depression who is now sleeping 8 hours a night and feeling like a million dollars without drugs.

Like the older lady on endless medication for allergies and sinus conditions to now breathing with ease and has energy like never before.

Like the person who quit her job to start her own business. To the CEO with severe indigestion and heartburn, no longer incapacitated each time he eats a meal.

To the lawyer who could hardly move from Chick V, now doing yoga and running everyday.

To the person who decided to walk away from an abusive relationship to find new love. To the person who forgot what it felt like to move her body, who is now back to dancing with a dance company. To the person who was so ashamed of her body that she would hide in big, ugly clothes now feeling so good about herself not just because she lost weight, but because she has learned to love her body to good health. Like the teenager, rocked by emotional ups and downs, severe PMS and acne who is now more calm centered and focused than ever before.

I am so blessed to be able to see these miracles happen before my eyes, not because of me, but because these people were willing to let go. They were willing to trust in the process. They were willing to stop doing what was not working and take a walk on the wild side and try something that is so OLD, that is almost foreign to us in the world that we live in…a week without processed food, a week of breathing, yoga and deep relaxation, a week of resting the digestive system, a week of good sleep and self care, a week just for themselves to restore and reset both body and mind. Just one week. No magic formula. Just 7 days to get back to the amazing, powerful, energized, healthy beautiful person that you already are!