Celebrating Mom the Healthy Way this Mother’s Day


Our greatest wish for our mothers is that they’ll be happy and healthy, and live long joyful lives. We want them to be well for as long as possible, so we can continue to enjoy their love and give it back to them.


That’s why it’s so important to shower your mom in ways that allow her to unwind, reboot, relieve stress and reinforce her sense of health and vitality.


Here are some ways to celebrate your mom the healthy way this Mother’s Day.



Mother’s Day can end up being way too hectic for many moms. Why not start your mom’s day with a relaxing, easy yoga flow and soothing meditation? This will help your mom restore her sense of equilibrium for the day and week ahead. The deep breathing practice in yoga will help mom clear her mind and access a sense of inner zen.


A massage, or even a full day at a spa, is a GREAT way treat for your mom. Most moms are busy with work and taking care of everyone else, so any form of pampering is time well spent. Plus, the benefits of massage for women may be just what your mom needs. These benefits include stress reduction, hormone regulation and better sleep. Cheers to all of that!


Instead of bogging your mom down with heavy, processed food, why not spend some time in the kitchen preparing a healthy, delicious meal for her. Here’s a dish from my Live Fit Kitchen cookbook that would be great for Mother’s Day… Remember, healthy can taste amazing too!

Check out this Plantain, Smashed Avocado, and Poached Egg Breakfast Pizza recipe

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