5 Ways to Get Back on Track – Fast!

Sometimes, Living LIFE means letting go of your daily routine, taking a walk on the wild side, tipping your fun scale a little further than usual and I am 100% all for that, but after back-to-back extra long holiday weekends and loads of food and alcohol, I’m ready to get back to my happy place which is:

  • Getting 8 Hours of Rest each night
  • Getting My Hour of Power in every morning
  • Drinking an Alkalizing Green Juice Every Day
  • Eating a Plant Based Diet based on my 80-10-10 rule 80% of the time
  • And most of all, sticking to my 20 minutes of meditation

Sounds like a lot of discipline right? Yes, it does take a lot of discipline and commitment, but this is the formula that works for me and what keeps me in my happy place and being able to show up as my best self for my loved ones, for my Yoga students and for YOU!

So, if you’re feeling like me, you have had your fun and you are now ready to get back on track, I’d like to share with you these 5 steps to resetting your body and mind so you can get back to being your best self in no time!

Here’s how we’re gonna do this…

 1: 8 Hours of Rest

I can’t speak enough about the Power of Sleep. It is a game-changer if you want to live a productive and balanced life. If sleep has been eluding you, please try my Restorative Yoga Practice before bed. I’ve also found that taking Magnesium (1000 mg) at night really helps. Suffering from insomnia? Watch this amazing Ted Talk by Arianna Huffington that gives you some great tips on how to get better quality sleep.

2.Your Hour of Power

My mentor Tony Robbins introduced me to the idea of an Hour of Power. See what changed his life and what I have committed to each day right here. Everyone in my family knows that my Hour Of Power is non-negotiable. It’s an hour, first thing in the morning, just for me, before I turn on the phone, answer emails or talk to anyone to move my body (whether it’s a Yoga Practice at home, a wicked functional fitness class at the gym, a run or a long swim) to breathe, clear my mind and connect to my heart. So, if you have an exercise routine and have fallen off the bandwagon because of the holidays, get right back on. Do what makes you happy. Now is a good time to assess your fitness program and if it’s not motivating you, if it does not make you feel good and most of all, if its not making any positive changes in your body, then change it! Remember, nothing changes unless something changes.

3.A daily dose of an Alkalizing Green Juice

When I have a Green Power Smoothie every day, I just feel better. It could be part psychological, but I do know it’s a great way to hydrate your body, and get alkalizing green foods packed with Vitamins, Minerals and Phytonutrients into my system in a fast, easy way! Looking for some amazing recipes? Here is one of my favorites.

4.Eating a 80% Plant Based Diet based on my 80-10-10 rule

People always ask me if I am Vegan or Vegetarian… I’m not, I do eat chicken and fish but I follow a plant-based diet. This is just what works for me, and NO, I do not eat like this all the time. I follow this 80% of my week and the other 20% of my week, or year, I just eat and drink what I LOVE AND ENJOY!


Last but not least, give yourself permission to get really quiet. Find a place where you can meditate and observe your thoughts. If meditation is foreign to you, try my free 10 Minute Guided Meditation. It’s coupled with another 2 great yoga videos to help you live fit live life and live love – perfect for beginners and it will help you get to that oh so special place inside.

Share your story in the comments below!