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5 Breathing Exercises!
I’ve carefully pulled together ancient breathing techniques I’ve learned over the years as a yoga & wellness teacher to help people ride the waves of these stressful times.

These 5 breathing techniques are amazing for combatting stress and anxiety, and will literally calm your mind and quiet your nervous system in minutes.

Especially now, when life has become crazier than we ever thought it could, I encourage you to practice these breathing exercises each and every day. 

I promise you, they’ll give you the zen you need to not only survive, but THRIVE during this time.

About Sharon Feanny
Sharon Feanny has been a master yoga instructor and wellness expert for over three decades. Through her work, she has helped countless people, using an integrated approach to regaining health and happiness that incorporates a variety of ancient and modern mind, body, spirit healing modalities. Her business and life mantra is Live Fit, Live Life and Live Love.
Sharon’s diverse offerings include:
  • Shakti at Home Studio YOGA & FITNESS Classes- online classes taught by expert teachers, held 6 days per week.

  • Shakti at Home 12-Week Immersion - a transformational online journey for women that includes sacred circles, yoga, fitness, meditation, nutrition and a community for like-minded women.

  • Shakti Activation 21- Day Detox - a cutting edge, online yoga + detox + self-care program.
  • Live Fit Kitchen™ Cookbook - This cookbook includes over 100 high vitality, mostly plant-based, simple, delicious recipes.

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