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Welcome, I'm Sharon Feanny


My mission and purpose is to help YOU and every single person I encounter Live Fit, Live Life and Live Love - my business motto and life mantra.

I want to empower you with the tools and information to Live Fit spiritually, mentally and physically. Then, you can truly Live LIFE, enjoying all that this beautiful world has to offer, and Live LOVE, experiencing freedom, open heartedness and spiritual connection. That, my friend, is the ultimate goal of life!

To help you access this state of balance, I share the amazing practices I’ve learned along my 30-year wellness journey healing myself and others. My offerings to you and the world cover everything from the magical effects of high vitality eating, to yoga and meditation, detox programs, retreats, all-natural products and aromatherapy.

I am grateful for any opportunity to help you achieve the health, happiness and true sense of wellness you’ve always dreamed of.

May you always Live Love!